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Fitness Solutions Policies & Rules:

1. Each session shall consist of a scheduled appointment based on a fifty-five (55) minute hour in the privacy of the Fitness Solutions studio, the privacy of the client's home, or at a mutually agreed upon location. Client is reminded that distractions such as children, telephones, etc., may affect consistent efforts and results. To get the most out of each session, please be ready to exercise at the appointed time.

2. Client must notify Trainer of cancellation twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled appointment. Client will be charged for the session if less than twenty-four (24) hours' notice of cancellation is given.

3. Trainer is not responsible for the safety of facilities or equipment whether provided by Client, Trainer, or others.

4. Client must wear appropriate athletic footwear and loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of movement.

5. Proper nutrition and adequate rest are essential to this training program and client must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during the training session.

6. Personal training requires a certain amount of physical contact between Trainer and client to ensure proper technique.

7. Trainer's determination of methods is conclusive.

8. The failure to strictly enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any right to subsequently enforce this Agreement. All provisions shall be deemed severable and the inability to enforce any provision shall not affect the other provisions. This Agreement shall be construed under Virginia law and shall only be modified by writing signed by both parties.


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Last Revised: October 7, 2010
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